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Worship Information


On August 27 the North Carolina Dept. of Health released updated and alarming new information about COVID-19 in North Carolina related to transmission rates, hospitalizations, ICU numbers, and deaths. On August 30, NCDHHS also released new recommendations for community organizations including places of worship. The WFBC Regathering Leadership Team met on August 31 to discuss and review these updates and evaluate our current practices and guidelines related to our ministry activities and COVID-19.

Given the current circumstances of the virus in our own state and our own community, the team determined that beginning September 5th, masks will be required for all people (vaccinate for unvaccinated) aged 5 or older for all indoor gatherings and activities. Additionally, we are encouraging all to practice social distancing habits with anyone outside of your household, particularly while indoors. This includes building entry and exit, while seated in gathered spaces, and while standing or waiting in common spaces. Registration is still NOT required for worship and currently there are no capacity or time-limit restrictions in place. Masks continue to NOT be required in outdoor settings. The Regathering Team will continue to meet and evaluate and will make adjustments to these guidelines as necessary.

The Regathering Team and Ministry Staff believe that these precautionary measures, while seemingly a step backward, are actually our best way to continue to move forward as a church family and community. The combination of mask-wearing, social distancing, good hygiene practices, and our updated advanced filtration systems in the Sanctuary and Education Building offer everyone a safer environment for ministry. Thank you for your understanding and adherence as we demonstrate this act of loving kindness to one another and to our community as we help mitigate the propagation of this deadly and complicated virus. Thank you for being the church in this way.

The full update from the last Regathering Team meeting can be found here.

All other previous guidelines (from July 26) are still in place. The full guidelines can be found here.

Current Worship Schedule:

9:30 – Worship in the Sanctuary (with livestream available)
10:00-10:45 – Outdoor Bible Study for children and adults at Stephenson Campus
10:45 – Indoor Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study & Youth Bible Study
11:00 – Outdoor Worship Service at the Stephenson Campus for all ages
4:30 – Instrumental Ensemble & Praise Band
5:15 – Youth Choir
6:00 – SonDown/Chancel Choir
7:15 – Men’s Chorus/Handbells


Worship Care for preschoolers has expanded and now includes 1 year olds to Pre-K age (4 & 5 year olds). Please reserve your child’s place so we can be prepared. We ask that you register by NOON FRIDAY for Sunday’s worship. REGISTER HERE


During this time, your financial support for WFBC ministries is still needed.  Please click here to give online or mail your check to 118 E. South Avenue, Wake Forest, NC 27587.