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Senior Pastor Transition Updates

In August, after 17 years of lovingly serving the Wake Forest Baptist Church Family, Dr. Bill Slater retired as our Senior Pastor. We are thankful for the ways the Lord used Dr. Slater to shepherd our congregation and community. As we move through the process of finding our new Senior Pastor, we invite you to check this page for news and updates.

January 10, 2023

Congregational Conversation I
9:00 – 10:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall

This is the first of three church-wide discussions as we move ahead in our search for a new Senior Pastor. These conversations are critical in developing an appropriate profile of our church and it is our desire that everyone attends, whether you have been a member for one month or fifty years! Childcare is available for children ages 0-5th grade. However, 3rd-5th graders are welcome to join the conversation at their parents’ discretion.

In-person participation is requested, but accommodations can be made for those that may need to join virtually. There is space to indicate this need on the registration form below.

Click here to RSVP for the Congregational Conversation

December 5, 2022

2023 Congregational Conversations Led By Our Senior Pastor Transition Team
Sundays, January 29 (Consecration Sunday), February 26 (Children’s Ministry Sunday), and March 26 (Disciple Now Weekend)
9:00 — 10:30  am in the Fellowship Hall
Sunday School Classes will not meet on these three Sundays
Congregational Conversations are for middle school students — adults
Teaching and learning activities will be offered during each conversation for children birth — fifth grade and staffed by our church staff.   Parents may elect to involve their older elementary children in the congregational conversations if they desire.  
Registration information for the congregational conversations and to reserve a spot for your child in the teaching and learning activities will be forthcoming.
Your Senior Pastor Transition Team is already at work planning for these important conversations that will focus on the past, present, and future of Wake Forest Baptist Church.  Please be in prayer for the team members as they lead us to discern God’s will for our congregation — nothing less, nothing more, nothing else!


November 7, 2022

At the November 6 Church Conference, the Transition Team submitted a plan for our three congregational conversations, which will take place from 9:00-10:30am on the following Sundays: January 29th (Consecration Sunday), February 26 (Children’s Ministry Sunday), and March 26 (Disciple Now Weekend). To accommodate these congregation-wide conversations, there will not be an 8:30am service on those Sundays and there will only be Bible Study for children 5th grade and younger. Childcare will be provided. 

September 2022- A Note From Your Interim Pastor and Transition Coach

Many people are familiar with the work of an interim pastor – an individual that a congregation calls to serve between the departure of one senior pastor and the calling of a new one. But what about the work of a transition coach? How will that process evolve at Wake Forest Baptist Church?

Already you have made two important decisions on this journey of eventually calling a new senior pastor. First, you have invited the Center for Healthy Churches several months ago to guide the senior pastor search process and, specifically, you have called me to serve as your interim pastor and transition coach. I’m honored and excited to be a part of the WFBC family in the coming months. Second, the congregation elected a Transition Team on September 11 chaired by Joe Kenney and composed of the following team members: Leigh Berrier, Gene Cross, Paula Goodson, Katherine Goodwin, Aaron Kirk, Kristy Leff, Todd Lesley, Dave Leonard, and Jo Ann Stancil. I will train and orient that team for their work on Sunday afternoon, October 16.

We will then invite the entire congregation in the coming months to participate in a self-study phase that includes three, 90-minute congregational conversations (see chart) that will address our past, present, and future as a church family. We ask that you plan to attend all three congregational conversations. From those three congregational conversations, the Transition Team will then assemble the data, comments, insights, and reflections that you generate and create two documents (see chart): a Congregational Profile and a Senior Pastor Profile. Later next year when the church elects a Senior Pastor Search Team, these two documents will guide their process of seeking a new senior pastor. The Center for Healthy Churches will bring to your Senior Pastor Search Team 8-10 pastoral candidates that represents the qualities, traits, and strengths you have identified (Senior Pastor Profile) needed for Wake Forest Baptist Church to live into a new future God is creating. The Congregational Profile will introduce Wake Forest Baptist Church to these pastoral candidates and help them discern whether God is leading them toward a deeper conversation with your Senior Pastor Search Team.

Several core values will undergird our work together:

  • We are not seeking to hire a new senior pastor; rather, we are engaging in a spiritual discernment process that invites God’s Spirit to guide us on this journey. Our key question is not, “What do you or we want for our church or next senior pastor?”, but rather “Who does God intend for us to be and who is God leading us to call as our next senior pastor?”
  • The process is radically congregational and honors you as the experts on the life of your church, emphasizing each person’s participation in the three congregational conversations.
  • We will focus on what is right about Wake Forest Baptist Church and build on those core values and strengths as we prepare for God’s future for our church.
    I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you, a journey that is now entering its 188th year. Please let me know if you have questions that need clarification. Most importantly, let’s join hand and heart together as we pray and seek the mind of Christ on behalf of the Wake Forest Baptist Church family.

Your Transition Pastor and Coach,
Greg Rogers

Slides Regarding the Interim Time and Process

July 2022

During our June Church Conference WFBC voted for the Center for Healthy Churches to provide guidance through our Senior Pastor search process. Along with CHC approval, our Interim pastor and consultant/coach, Dr. Greg Rogers, was also approved. This is a winning combination and WFBC is blessed to have this team for guidance. If you would like to read more about Center for Healthy Churches and/or Dr. Greg Rogers please check the information on our church website.
CHC will guide our church through a self-study process led by a church-elected Transition Team, followed by a church-elected Senior Pastor Search Team/Committee that will ultimately lead to a church-elected Senior Pastor.
We anticipate that Dr. Greg Rogers, our Transition Senior Pastor and consultant/coach for the self-study and senior pastor search process, will begin training the newly elected Transition Team in September 2022.   We hope to lay the spiritual groundwork later this fall through sermons, Wednesday night studies, and church-wide prayer opportunities that will allow us to conduct three congregational conversations in January, February and March 2023.   The Transition Team will take the data derived from these three congregational conversations to create both a Congregational Profile and Senior Pastor Profile. This will be an invaluable identity tool for us as a church, for the Senior Pastor Search Committee, and for our new
prospective Senior Pastor. These two profiles will guide the work of the Senior Pastor Search Committee/Team once it is elected by the church during this process.