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Wake Forest Baptist Church
107 E. South Avenue
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Church offices are located across the street from the church at:
118 E. South Avenue
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Phone (919) 556-5141
Fax: (919) 263-3804















Looking for a Sunday School classroom or a meeting room? Check out maps of our church buildings:

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Are you looking for ways to Get Connected at Wake Forest Baptist Church? Check out this brochure for opportunities for children and adults? Contact the church office with any questions or for more guidance.


We have a long, proud heritage, and yet when you enter the doors you immediately sense a church that is abuzz with life, energy, and love. We love our “older” building, but don’t be fooled. We have more children running around than we can keep up with. We’ve always been at the heart of Wake Forest, and the future promises that to be truer than ever. We now have two campuses from which to celebrate all the gifts and ministries our church is known for.

Our church is known for its rich history of traditional worship. We seek to honor God through music, prayer, scripture reading, testimony, and proclamation. You will love our pipe organ, and will find our music to be rich in reverence and quality, with a wonderful diversity of styles and offerings. Our sanctuary is often thought by many to be the most beautiful in this area.

Just walk up to the front, greet the pastor during the final hymn, and share with him your decision. We accept members upon Profession of Faith, accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior; upon Statement of Faith for those who are Christians, but do not have a record of a previous church membership; and upon Transfer of Letter for those from other churches. We also offer Watchcare membership for those who may wish to keep their membership in another church, but want to be affiliated with our church. While it is not necessary, please feel free to call any minister for more information.

There is no obligation to give. As a guest, the only “offering” we ask you to make is to fill out the guest card and put it in the offering plate, so we can get to know you better.

Some wear their “Sunday best,” and just as many others wear comfortable, casual clothes. We’re more interested in who you are, than in what you wear.

Both services are very similar and share worship components weekly. Some music selections may differ from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., but both services will offer you a traditional worship service in our beautiful Sanctuary.

With the wonderful growth of our church, we have added a parking lot in front of our new Fellowship Hall & Education Building.  If this is full, you may use the large parking lot across from the church adjacent to the roundabout. Seniors, handicapped, guests, and those with infants are encouraged to use the main parking lot.

Yes, enter the back door under the covered entrance. Go straight ahead through the next doorway and turn left. Go to the far end of the hall, take a left, and the elevator is on the right before you reach the steps. Handicapped individuals may use the main parking lot immediately behind the church.

The Stephenson Campus is a 12 acre site located at the intersection of Hwy 98 West and Wake Union Church Road.  It was given as a gift by the late Cecyl and Irene Stephenson and is presently the site of a beautiful outdoor pavilion, regulation beach volleyball court, and multi-purpose athletic field.  Many of our most fun events are held there.

While never officially a college or seminary church, for decades WFBC enjoyed being THE church for students, administration, and faculty of both the old Wake Forest College and then Southeastern Seminary. In the 1980s, the Southern Baptist Convention changed direction and ushered in new leadership at Southeastern. We now have much less of a connection, but continue to celebrate an ever-growing “good neighbor” relationship with them, which entails a mutual appreciation for each other. Our church and the seminary share meeting space with each other on a weekly basis.