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Consecration Sunday

Dear Wake Forest Baptist Church Family:

On January 30 we will celebrate Consecration Sunday, a significant day in the life of our church where we are given the opportunity to respond in faith by turning in our Estimate of Giving for the coming year.  Our generosity theme this year is “A Future with Hope.”  God’s dream for our church in  2022 calls for even greater ministries than ever and challenges us to raise our level of generosity to support the Kingdom work we believe God is calling us to.

Let me pause and say how grateful I am for the level of generosity our church continues to exhibit in these unique times.  When we are successful as a mission church, it’s because you gave. Your giving last year resulted in  98% of the budget being met, a remarkable testimony to your belief in the importance of what we are doing.  Even more so, it reflects the kind of person you want to be—a giving person filled with a spirit of trust that God will provide every need.   I challenge  you to keep on growing that spirit within you.  As mentioned, our dreams for this coming year reflect “A Future with Hope.”  I love being a part of a church that is not going backward but still reaching ever higher.

Take a moment and look at the “Step Up” chart below, reflecting the level of giving in our church.  The challenge is to “step up” your giving to the next level to get you closer to the TITHE, or 10% of  your income, which is the Biblical standard for faith-filled generosity.  Growing in giving is one of the marks of a healthy, growing disciple of Jesus.

Be in prayer for how God would want you to respond.  On January 30 we will gather to demonstrate our belief that the future of our church is one filled with hope. We are especially excited and honored that day to be led in worship by Dr. Paul Baxley of Atlanta who serves as the national Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Brave Journey,

Bill Slater

Ready to make your pledge? Email Financial Secretary Linda Lang ( with your Estimate of Giving for 2022. It can be broken down into a weekly, monthly or annual amount.

Join us on Sunday, January 30 for worship where you will hear from Guest Speaker Paul Baxley, CBF Executive Coordinator.